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What Does Accumulator Mean In Betting

To win your wager, you must guess all the legs of the accumulator bet correctly. Even if one selection loses, you will lose the whole wager. Different bookmakers sometimes offer promotions where if you lose one leg of the accumulator bet, you can still win the entire bet. Still, there are specific terms and conditions you have to follow for these types of bonuses. The downside to placing an acca is that you not only compound the odds, meaning you can win more, but you also compound the bookmakers margin, meaning they can make more money. Being honest this is one reason why betting sites like to push accumulators and one reason they can afford to run such attractive insurance and bonus offers.

If one of these clubs fails to win, then our footy acca is lost. So if you have a double where the first selection is odds of 2.00 and the second selection is odds of 1.50, the odds you will receive for your multi-bet is 2.00 multiplied by 1.50, which equals 3.00. Head to our Betting Glossary to find out how these accumulator bets are structured. Naturally, the place part of the accumulator will pay out less than a successful winning accumulator and is dependent on the place terms on each event within it. With these accas, all legs must be successful to ensure a return. Let Yesbets answer the question, what is an accumulator bet?

As discussed previously, the number one thing to consider when betting on football accumulators or accumulators of any manner is the issue of betting value. If you are including selections without any regard for value, you are only creating poor value bets. Firstly, most bookmakers will cap the amount you can win on any one accumulator bet. Placing £20 on this accumulator will return you £431, for a profit of £411 (our return of £431 minus our stake of £20).

The bookie will accept that bet as the maximum stake has not been reached (different to the maximum payout!). In the terms and conditions, the bookmaker clearly states that the maximum payout is that of £250,000 for these types of bets. One of the beauties of accumulator betting is that you are able to win big sums of money for a very little layout. The example above shows that the return from a pretty straight forwarded bet and just a £10 stake. But, you can really go to town with these sorts of bets. When a regular single bet is made void it is as if it had never been made, with your stake returned and neither party better off.

If you are still unsure, when you go to place a bet365 accumulator, you can choose the help option on their website, explaining exactly how you can do it. A football accumulator has become one of the most popular Football betting markets in recent years, with many football fans up and down the country trying their hand with an accumulator. To win an accumulator bet, at least one of your selections must come through. However, the more selections that win, the greater the pay-out you will receive. Online bookmaker has a lot of bonus offer related only to accumulator bet.

Now you only need Arsenal to defeat Hull and you’ll claim your winnings. The first two folds are played on the Saturday afternoon, the third fold on the Saturday night, while the Arsenal vs Hull match is scheduled for Sunday. Now let’s say each of your selections was a winner, all except Chelsea who won by a single goal. What would normally happen is that this selection would merely be voided from your acca.