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For more information on how to get started with accumulator betting and OddsMonkey, check out this article. So what should you aim for when picking your accumulators? To have a reasonable chance of landing your acca I recommend you select between four or five folds. This is one of the top accumulator tips that I recommend all punters use no matter what experience you have. Whether you land your accumulator depends on what selections you picked in the acca. If you go with high-risk bets you’re unlikely to land your overall accumulator.

The good news is that, like a standard bet, most decent online bookmakers offer the option to cash out an accumulator during play. In order to benefit from this strategy, you may want to chain several clear winners or pick odds of at least 2.0 per selection. In both cases, keep an eye on the cash-out option after each successful match. As long as you can make at least twice your stake, you can make a decent profit by closing the bet. Often, you will be able to get much more by stopping early. Other full cover bets exist that do away with the singles, for instance the Trixie, which is just the Patent but excluding the singles, hence three doubles and a treble from the three selections.

Compare that to betting on singles, where you potentially stand a good chance of winning at least two picks six times out of 10 if the odds are to be believed. Although this is just an example and odds will of course vary, you’d need to win the two bets at 2.10 and 2.00 to profit, or three bets if one of those were to lose to make a profit. You may be betting more in stakes, but you have the wiggle room to lose up to two bets and still potentially make a profit overall. The Yankee option which is featured at the bottom means placing all of the above apart from the single bets, making eleven bets altogether, costing you £110. If you were to choose a Lucky 15, then your account will include the four single bets, as well as six double examples highlighted, the four treble examples and your four-fold.

Clear insight is therefore important if bettors are to avoid losing their stake. Multiple bets also allow you to take advantage of smaller odds. It is a great way to bet on favourites, particularly in two-team contests like football matches.

The reason this works so well is that you’ve essentially taken 3 bets that have a really good chance of winning at that price and turned into a single that offers much more value to most punters. Sports & Markets– With these types of promotion it’s very common for there to be restrictions based on sport or market. For example, a bookie may only allow bets on the match odds market of premier league football matches. Whilst that’s fine for some people, it’s no good if you want to bet on a goal scorer market or on a match from a different league. Accumulators are one of the most popular types of football bet placed online as they offer the chance of a big return from a small wager.

Where your initial bet was a four-fold, you will now be playing a treble rather than an accumulator because to be classified as an accumulator you need to have four selections in place. The ‘or’ is treated as a second bet hence the additional stake. You’ve also increased your likelihood of winning so your returns will be reduced if the each way part of the bet comes true I.e.